About Us


We do it right. We do right by each other.

Martindale seeks to deliver the best quality services for our Clients, to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of its processes, and to foster a continuous educational development environment. These are the goals Martindale seeks, the benefits of recognition and expertise are only a confirmation of achieving these goals. This concept is embedded in the core ideology adopted by Martindale employees.

Martindale team in meeting all gathered in conference room

Our History

In 1982, Pat Martindale formed Martindale Consultants, Inc. to provide analysis and joint interest and revenue audit services to the oil and gas industry. In structuring the organization, Pat developed a documentation and work structure similar to CPA firms that allowed consistency and maintained quality for clients while developing employees on the important concepts of joint venture audits. Based on this structure, Martindale Consultants, Inc. has been able to expand our services using this foundation over the past 39 years.

Between 1994 and 1996, Mike Cougevan, Roger Gann, Laura Melman, and Todd Attalla joined Martindale. Their dedicated leadership and teamwork over more than 25 years provides a strong foundation and management team, which has established Martindale as “The” Oil and Gas Consulting Company.